LOST FANS, I need your HELP!?

For an art history class I’m taking I want to write about art on Lost and focus on the art by Jack Bender on the series.

Is there a list of what paintings he did? Or really who painted what (would be even more helpful)?

I know the main ones:

Jack Bender: Hatch Mural, Scales, Nameste paintings + all of Thomas’ (Claire’s bf) paintings


Thomas Hannsz: Jacob’s painting (dog), Black Rock Storm

But there are dozens of other paintings that I have no idea who created. Is this information out there somewhere?

I know there are a couple other works in Widmore’s office:

  • an abstract piece behind his secretary that resembles a Jackson Pollock in “Jughead” (Is this Jack Benders?)
  • a landscape painting in his office

anddd if I wasn’t asking enough, is there any way to find out the titles of the pieces? and basic info: size, medium, ect?

Perhaps I should just stick with art already established and categorized at a museum, but this sounded more fun, because LOST, but obviously much more difficult. So if ANYONE can help at all, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!!!